What type of Tririder are you?

When the road gets rough: HP L16 and Special L14

If you’re looking for torque, power and reliability both on and off road, and won’t settle for anything less than the top of the range then Special L14 or HP L16 are the ones for you.

With a 16”- or a 14”-wheel and 1900W – 2000W of power, you’ll feel at ease on any type of terrain, the smooth as well as the rough. Essential for oversize users.

City browser: Special Light and Special Compact

The city gives you limited spaces but demands power and ease of transportation. Triride is up to the challenge with two options: Special Light and Special Compact

With a 12″- or 14″-wheel and 1000W – 1350W of power, they get in and out of car boots in no time and make even the steepest slopes and off-road excursions a breeze. They come with great torque and yet they’re very easy to handle.

Urban animal: Foldable

You’re always on the move and no two days are the same. You don’t need to cover great distances but want the best in portability. Foldable: is the lightest, most affordable and most compact. It fits in a small carry bag and is ideal for travelling.